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This is Plenty

I’ll take a can of spray paint, dirt, fresh air and a cup of tea.

These are the early days of spring. The days when the sagebrush turns a soft silver-blue, and the air feels clear and green. It feels so right spending my days on this dry acreage. Spending my days cleaning, cleansing, caulking, sanding, insulating, stripping paint, and appreciating this beautiful 22ft space.

I’m watching the season creep in through Little Red’s windows. I’m listening to Ruby leaping through swaying grass, gnawing on sticks and found bones, baying at the wind. I’m hiking through the forests as the light begins to fall and the coyotes call my name. I’m going to bed early and staying up late dreaming about everything Little Red is turning into.

Spring is for dreamers.

I hope you’re dreaming too.

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