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The End of the Drive

In air like this, I feel myself reborn. In this cold, crisp, dry air, oh I feel it to be true.

We packed and tarped the last of our things in the back of the pickup, and left Vancouver in heavy rain.
North and north still, we made our way into the dry teal and tranquil tan of the sagebrush lands we now call home.
We’re good on the road together. We listen to podcasts, sing, talk, and kiss Ruby’s head as she peaks out between our shoulders to look at the lights of the log trucks rumbling by.

At the end of the drive is our cabin, surrounded by the warm creamy hues of dry grass spilling in every direction.

Here, you can feel it all.
You can hear the cabin creak and sing as it shifts in the wind.
You can hear the swooping of ravens and other bird of prey above you while wandering through the trails.
You can see the breath of the horses as they sigh and snort in the cold air.
You can feel the drumming of grouse as they prepare for flight.
You can smell the warm woodburning stoves of the neighboring cabins.
You can hear the cracking of ice below your feet as you dare to step onto the barely frozen lake.
You can taste the scent of pine as you cut down your own tree for Christmas.

It’s all so alive here and I can feel my soul growing.
I have plenty of stories to share already.

I will be stocking my shop again soon after finishing a few commissions for Christmas.
I can’t wait to create for you in this new space.
I hope that when you wear these pieces, you carry with you a reminder of all that has passed and is to come.
All of the joy, the sadness, the adversities, the victories, the greatest efforts of love and life.
You are of pure silver and flame. You are loved.

Thank you for all of your support through this part of my journey as a silversmith.
You have allowed me to pursue this medium as my profession.
With every solder and saw, you have made me a better person.
I pinch myself every day and I owe you for that.
I am forever grateful.
Thank you.

May You Be Loved,

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  • Sheryl Laporte

    December 19, 2018

    Beautiful tree, beautiful home for you three. 🙂 I can’t comment on f/b, ( arggg ), something wrong with it sporadically for two days now but wanted to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. This is the type of place that I grew up in, in Northern Saskathewan. I still miss it. No wonder I love Lumby. lol. Breath deep and be careful of the wild life surrounding you. With all the forest fires, their land is much reduced and will try and eat anything you have around. *hugs*. <3 ……Sheryl

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