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Sunday Summer Snippets

As I write this, I find my eyes drifting out the window to the meadow across from our home.

I feel the pull of the big blue sky, I hear the tall blades of grass sway and
scrape at each other like windchimes, the horses are snorting and pulling up
clover, and as the sun sets, the insects, frogs, and birds fill the air like a twilight

Our place isn’t huge, but it’s hard-working.

Our chickens are busy laying and scratching at the earth, Ruby is patrolling
the grounds, and our garden is drinking up water and sunshine. I’m absolutely
amazed at how much our garden grows overnight.

While my mom was visiting in May, she bought me a flat of pansies with a
unknown brassica seedling hanging on the tray for dear life.

We planted it with the strawberries and I eventually transplanted it into our
larger garden bed once the frosts had passed. Within two months our
volunteer seedling had grown into a whopping 8 pound head of cabbage!

We are beyond thrilled with how many meals we can make from this deeply layered

Our other plants are also flourishing in our mixture of top soil and three-year-old horse manure.

Our landlord calls this mixture “Cariboo Gumbo.”

We have 10 cauliflower plants, 3 tomatoes, 3 zucchini plants, 3 different
types of squash, the most ridiculous amount of lettuce I have ever seen, potatoes, strawberries,
cucumbers, 2 pepper plants, garlic, dill, parsley, and sage up the wazoo!

It’s brings me so much joy to step out every morning with a cup of tea in hand
to survey our little cultivation.

There is nothing better than eating what you grow. Add some organically
raised laying hens to the mix, and you’re set for the summer.

Everyday is Eden here.

We spend our days swimming in the lake, picking wild strawberries at our feet, and
going to our local farmer and artisan markets. It is all just too heavenly.

On another note, I wanted to apologize for being MIA recently.

I’ve been focusing on creating commissions for the past few months and have also
been spending a lot of time with family.

Recently I had an urge to take some time
to step away from posting on etsy, and all my social platforms to map out some intentions and
goals of mine.

For now, these are some I feel comfortable sharing:

1) I’ve decided to completely strip the airstream. we are talking down to the bones.
I want to free little red of old insulation, clean up any possible mouse droppings in the base of the camper,
seal all the leaks, strip the red paint down to the aluminum, re-paint her (little blue? Little sage green?), and create a versatile open-concept space I am proud of.

2) I’m going to really focus on posting more etsy shop listings.
This is going to include both silver and other pieces of my art. It is time to get rid of these
limitations I have put on myself and share my creations. There are so many beautiful things happening in my studio!

3) I am going to begin following a passion of mine I have had for a while in the coming year!
I’m not quite ready to share exactly what this passion is, but I promise I’ll let you know
once it is all coming to fruition. I hope that is ok with you. My intentions are pure in all of this.

I honestly have so many dreams beyond these goals of mine. I better get cracking!

Thank you for your amazing support and constant love on this platform.
I’ll be listing some new pieces on my shop very soon!

I hope you pop by!

Until then, thank you for being in my world and as always, May You Be Loved.


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