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Son Of The Lake

I continue to learn from the land here in the Cariboo more than I ever have before.

The other day while catching up with my mom on the phone, I was telling her about all the birds I’ve held in my hands over the past year and a half of living in this wild country.

I told her of all the moose and bears we’ve seen.

Of all the beavers we’ve seen slapping their tails on the surface of the water and the grouse we’ve heard drumming in the groves of trees.

Of the long, slippery, and frisky sons and daughters of the lake we’ve caught and taken to our table.

The list is long and mighty and I think she could hear my smile the whole way through.

We have officially moved into our new cabin on the property and had our internet hooked up last week. It feels good. It feels spacious and it really feels like home. We have enough room in our kitchen for all our canning supplies and I’m so excited to gather foods and our harvests and begin preserving them. Our pantry will slowly fill with beautiful glass jars full of tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers, rosemary, jams, jellies, radishes, and onions, all from the growing season.

Today was the first day I set my fingertips to silver in what feels like a very long time. My new studio space is so warm and bright and my face still hurts from smiling while doing my work. I can’t wait to share my new pieces and my new studio with you!

In other news, Bryson and I have somehow ended up with a rooster!

Bryson’s mom bought herself some hens and was able to get a free rooster for our landlords while she was there. Margot and the rooster will be coming our way mid-month and we are both excited and a bit apprehensive about adding him to our flock. Our girls are so very independent and I’m worried he will get a bit picked (pecked?) on. He’s a black silkie and is going to hang out with our girls until our landlords are able to get hens of their own. It’s a bit tough this year finding laying hens during the pandemic so he may end up sticking around for a while and who knows? We might fall in love.

I think we are going to call him Jack, but we’ve got to meet him first. I promise to post all over social media when he arrives!

We also have another visiter, Miss Ivy the barn cat. She has been paying us visits every evening since we moved into this cabin.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that we snuggle just about every night on the porch. She is such a sweetheart and having her around has been such a treat. She and Ruby are still getting used to each other, but I have faith they will be friends eventually.

With the move, we moved our garden bed over to the new cabin. Last week, we harvested our first radishes and ate them all for breakfast. I have never tasted something so spicy and delicious in my life! The colours were so phenomenal! I’m excited about our garden this year as I’m growing things I’ve never grown before but my pride and joy lies in our sunflowers…

May they grow so tall, they fall over from their own greatness!!!

Amen to that!


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  • Kers

    June 8, 2020

    The animals are all colour coordinated!

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