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Slow and Steady

☽  It’s this time of year where I experience a wild regrowth.  ☾

It’s already late august and I can really feel how autumn is coming
closer with every day that goes by.

As I run my bare hand over bounties of carrots, parsley, and sage, I feel immediate gratitude for
our gorgeous harvest.

The garden is feeding our family so beautifully this year.

Although we’ve grown more than enough for ourselves, earlier this week my neighbors and
I went to our local summer festival. Boy do I genuinely love my farming community.

All of these hardworking artisans and farmers had booths so full of gorgeous goods.
Garlic cloves wrapped in straw flowers, juicy pickling cucumbers, rose hip jams and unpasturized honeys in sweetly labelled glass jars, turmeric and sour cherry tonics, and all sorts of handmade goods, all at very reasonable prices.

Something about seeing your community come together for a yearly event like this is just so magical.

I’d like to have my own booth next year filled with jewelry, paintings, produce, our eggs, freshly cut flowers, and jars of homemade pickles.

Bryson and I have been spending many of our summer nights on the lake.

We take the canoe out and paddle to the deepest parts and watch as the sun sets over the cow pastures. Bryson has taught me how to fish this year and I am so happy to learn more and more about it everytime we take to the lake.

A few months ago Bryson set off to be away for half a year for some training for a new job in the middle of Canada. Part way through, he made the difficult decision to come back and continue pursuing paramedicine instead.

 6 months might not be a long time to be apart for many of you, but for me, the idea of being away
from each other for that long was hard.

I am so selfishly grateful he is home.

I think about our nights on the lake together. I think about the loons calling to us and the beaver
streamlining through the water and smacking his tail like a drum against the calm stillness. I think
about catching my first fish and watching the dragonflies dip into the water and create ripples around us.
I think about how we almost didn’t get to experience all of that together, and that thought hurts.

He still has to leave home for half of every week to work but he is so happy and I am happy too.

He is a fantastic paramedic.

We are coming up to our ten year anniversary and it is so good to know we get to spend it together.
I like to grab him and kiss him whenever I like just because I can.

Maybe when he gets home later this week, we will paddle out to our spot and watch the world around us fall asleep.

And as the stars come out we will canoe back home, slow and steady.


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