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Over The Cattle Guard

Over the cattle guard is a sunset filtering through smoke and flame.


For Thanksgiving long weekend, we rode beneath the dry arid sky.

Five hours, three horses, two mules, and four pups weaving in and out of birch and pine.

We stopped for a few moments to stretch our thighs. We warmed our iced fingertips by the campfire and our souls with swigs of rum.

Ruby was truly in her element running with the pack, occasionally leading us along the trail.  Seeing her gallop through the open meadows surrounded by bright yellow autumn leaves was truly a sight.

She is more than I could have asked for in a companion and my heart is so full.

I hope all of my Canadian friend’s had an amazing Thanksgiving surrounded by those you love most.

Many exciting changes happening in my little world.

I cannot wait to fill you in!


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