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I’m so sorry it has taken me such a long time to write a true post on this platform, there really is no excuse.

These past few months have been so incredibly full and I’ve spent my days well. In the sunshine, eating good organic food, and hopping from one body of water to another. It’s been absolute bliss.

Autumn has arrived here, and I can feel the cold dewy air seep into the marrow of my bones. If you know this feeling, you know.

The north has been calling to us, so last week, Bryson and I drove for over 2,000 km to Bella Coola and back again in 6 days. We made a few stops along the way including my family cabin, and our friend Kris’ beautiful acreage surrounded by hay fields and bands of wild horses. She was all too kind with letting us stay in her beautifully comfy guest bed and cooking us an abundance of amazing plant-based meals.

Ruby is such a great road trip pup. She rests, checks in on us, and watches what goes by with the occasional bay at the passing black bear or doe along the way.  Her love for exploring new places makes me feel as though we were truly meant to find each other in this life. I’ve also found out that she loves running with horses but is also very aware of their strength and size so keeps just the right amount of distance. Every morning we would walk with the ruby and the horses, and I couldn’t help but feel that this is where she belongs. I can’t wait to begin creating my own homestead and rescuing every farm animal I can.

You can see all the pictures from our trip below.

My studio has also been calling my name these days. It has always been my place of solace but recently, I’ve actually kind of been avoiding getting down to work. Not because I don’t wish to work with silver and flame, but because I’ve found myself really nervous about putting my pieces online for others to purchase. I’ve had to force myself to sit down, push my silver aside and focus on writing what has been stopping me from pursuing this dream of mine. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve come to realize that my hesitation is due to my own self-doubt. I’m constantly questioning myself.

• Am I a good enough silversmith?

• Are the pieces going to provide others with the comfort and inspiration intended?

• Is my packaging going to protect each piece and provide my customers with something more to look forward to?

• Am I ready to put myself out there?


The questions go on but the truth is, I’ll never know until I try right?


So here we go


I’ve arrived back in Vancouver from the most beautiful, reinvigorating, and re-inspiring road trip and it is time.

I will (finally) be stocking the shelves of my Etsy shop later this week!

There I said it, now I HAVE to do it!

Thank you all for bearing with me and trusting in this process of mine.

I will let you know the moment they are up and ready for you.

To make up for my lack of posting, I’ve also made a video of our trip up north and it brings me so much joy to watch. You can find it at the bottom of this post. It’s so fun living a bit of a nomadic lifestyle these days before Bryson and I figure out our next move.

I hope you are doing well and I really look forward to the next post.

May You Be Loved



PS: Many exciting things are coming!

Thank you for making it this far.

The video is just below.

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  • Chantal

    September 27, 2018

    Love it! Totally your calling ❤️

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