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Leaning Into Autumn

It is tremendously beautiful this time of year.

The quaking aspen turn to gold and the morning air is more rejuvenating than any amount of coffee.

This is our second autumn on this property and I seem to fall more in love with the Cariboo seasons every year. If you’d like to see what it looks like in the autumn here, I have uploaded a new Youtube video on my channel.

I’ve been enjoying making silver and taking on commissions over these months. It’s so refreshing joining someone in a project and hearing their perspectives and ideas for a piece. Thank you to everyone who chooses and has chosen me to create a piece.

It’s good being home and preparing for the winter. We’ve switched our summer wardrobe for our winters and have started prepping the chicken coop and airstream for the cold months ahead. Soon I will turn over the soil before the first snowfall and let the hens scratch the garden earth to their heart’s content.

We are now on a small holiday and will be going off-grid over the next few days while visiting Bryson’s mom. She has three goats, three horses, a beautiful flock of hens, and has recently adopted a new shepherd/collie mix pup into her pack. I just can’t wait for Ruby and the new pup to meet!

I’m hoping we can go for a ride or two while we are there. The arid sagebrush landscape there is just heavenly.

I’ll be back in the studio this coming weekend and I am so looking forward to seeing what inspiration this week of family and the outdoors brings. Until then, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

Talk soon,

Clove and Hound


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