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Feels Like Home

I’ve been tucked away in my studio for so long now, that I feel as though I’ve
completely missed the autumn here in the Cariboo.

The aspens changed to yellow and shed their leaves so quickly and now they
are left barren, the garden has pushed it’s last of lasts, and the grass has had
its last mow.

We are now feeling the winter months rush in.

Ruby and I have been waking up around sunrise most mornings.

We have a little morning ritual when Bryson is away at work.
We’ll snuggle in bed for a few minutes, stretch our bodies out, I’ll put Ruby’s collar on
and open the front door, and then slip my bare feet into my frozen gumboots which
have been sitting outside all night.

Sometimes mice store their seeds in our boots, and it’s honestly such a beautiful
reminder of all the life that surrounds us out here in the wild country.

The earth crunches beneath my feet now in these freezing temperatures, and all seems so still on
the ranch. The horses radiate heat from their shaggy coats, fog usually rests above the grassy
meadow, and the sun fills the air with the most beautiful shades of peachy purples when it rises from behind the trees.

Ruby usually runs over to our neighbor’s house first thing to wait for their dog to come outside
and play. It’s really sweet how much they love each other.

When our front door creaks shut, our hens cluck at me to let them out of their coop for
their breakfast. Their eggs are still warm.

This is the first winter they have ever experienced, and they know exactly what to do.
Their feathers are getting puffier by the day, and we are getting less and less eggs from our girls as they begin
saving their energy for the freezing temperatures.

This is our second winter here. We have just about finished gathering and chopping all of the wood
we hoped to have for the rest of this year, and the year to come.

The beginning of next year is going to be different for us. Bryson has been accepted
to school in the Okanagan for continuing and advancing his paramedicine studies!

After lots of talking and brainstorming, we’ve decided to pick up our lives and move to the Okanagan for a good chunk of next year and see what new adventures come our way.

That being said, we will not be giving up our piece of paradise here
in the Cariboo during our time away. We will just be shutting down our water and power
here, and putting our sweet cabin into hybernation mode for a while.

We are so grateful that my sister has offered to let us stay in her extra camper
while Bryson is in school. This allows us to be close to family, and not worry about
finding a short-term rental that accepts large dogs, something which is getting less and less common
in cities.

I will do my best to continue to make jewelry for you, but I will also need to pick
up another job while we are out there, so my schedule for now, is a little unknown.

I promise to keep you up to date with my decisions, and to always remain true.

I hate to leave this home of ours for months on end, but it is going to be so good to
hug my sister, brother in law, nieces and nephew day after day.

I know leaving the property will be the hardest for our sweet hound. Because Bryson will be away at school most days, my goal is to be able to take Ruby to work with me every day to ensure that she is getting enough attention and exercise every day.

Our hens will not be coming with us unfortunately, but will most likely be staying on the property where they are the most comfortable.

I have been finding so much creativity here on this land. I’ve been spending days working with my favourite stones and there are just so many beautiful things happening in my studio right now!

I have created eight new unique pieces for my shop and I will be dropping them off there later
this week when it feels best.
I promise to let you know when they arrive.

Each piece feels like home to me. I hope they feel like home to you too.


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