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Like a faithful pony, I bear an optimistic heart.

One that reaches for the light even in times like these.

Times of uncertainty, of human against human, of change and confusion.

I reach for the light.

Last we spoke, Bryson and I were heading to the Okanagan for the better part of the year.
From January – March we were living with my sister and her family on their property in a camper while Bryson advanced his studies as a paramedic.
We made new friends, started climbing again, and took advantage of the conveniences of the city. It was a seamless transition for us really.

Much like the rest of the world, in mid-March we had to change our plans.
Although we were unsure of the future with Bryson’s classes, we decided to head back to our home on the ranch for the time being.
This unexpected change in plans was met with an equal feeling of excitement, confusion, and disbelief. We were so mentally prepared to be in Kelowna for the better part of a year and going home felt strange, especially for Bryson who was mid-way through an intense program.

But as easy as it was to find our rhythm in Kelowna, after a few weeks back home, we fell back into the rhythm of the Cariboo.

Bryson returned to work, I continued with my silver commissions and started our garden, Ruby was over the moon to be back on the acreage, and it was such a great feeling to be reunited with our hens who had been so well taken care of by our landlords.

It’s easy to say that we all find such a deeply rooted joy here.

We are surrounded by Indian Paintbrush, wild violets, tiger lilies, ravens, owls, and snakes, toads, deer, bears, moose, hare, and sandhill cranes.

Everything that inspires us most is right here in these hills and valleys we call home.

I’m sure like many of you, I have set some goals for myself during this time of quarantine.

Since arriving back, Bryson has been helping me train as a trail runner.
It is something I have wanted to do for years and years now but always questioned and doubted my abilities.

With a load of encouragement from my love, I’ve learned to lean into the discomfort of the cold air in my lungs and trust the uneven ground beneath my feet. It has become a meditative experience I’ve never known until now and for this, I am so grateful!

We also have some exciting news!
In a week or so, we will be moving to the larger cabin next door to us on the property!
Our lovely neighbors are moving into town and asked us if we wanted to move into their cabin which sits about 40ft east of ours.
We will have two bedrooms, a washer and drier, a proper freezer, and two floors.
Although we are very sad to see our neighbors leave, we are very excited for this change!

I am so looking forward to moving my studio space into the second bedroom and photographing our new home for you to see!

Bryson is returning to school in Kelowna come the end of June, and I think I’m going to stay here in the Cariboo during that time. It is all still a bit uncertain and the feeling of loneliness is creeping in slightly but I know we will both be ok.

I hope you’re all coping through this time of uncertainty and know I am always here if you need to talk.

I’m here to listen.

I am going to go tend to my garden now, bend my back to the rich soil, get my hands dirty, and sing to all of our sunflowers and collard greens.

—Stay tuned—

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