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The colours around us are changing, the temperature has surely dropped, and we are just crossing our fingers that our hens keep laying throughout the autumn.

The past month has been busy to say the least.

My projects have been:

•Stripping the airstream paint off to caulk her, sand her, and prepare her for the winter. I’ve also been taking time to completely gut the inside to make room for the new.

•Finding any and every little hole between the logs of our cabin and filling them up with spray foam and steel wool.

•Trapping pack rats and mice daily as they try to hunker down in our crawl spaces. (I’ve come to despise rodents)

•Collecting wood with my love for the winter months

•Picking the last fruit and veg from our garden.

•And in the studio I have been working hard on commission pieces.

• ☾ •

Recently, I found myself with a bit of spare time in between my projects and was able to sit down at my desk and create these 5 new pieces for you.

It felt so good to put flame to silver again with total creative freedom.

Oh how I’ve missed it.

Now with the winter months coming around the corner, I will be spending a lot more time hunkered down in my studio creating for you.

I want to thank you all so much for your generous interest in my work and your constant support. I wouldn’t be able to live this dreamy little life of mine without you.

You’ll be able to find these pieces in my shop tomorrow afternoon.

I hope to see you there!

May you be loved, Always.

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